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Our clients know they can come to Wharton Hardware and Supply for dependable tools that will stand the test of challenging construction projects. Throughout the Northeast we've provided heavy-duty, portable electric power tools and accessories to clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Our partnership with Milwaukee Tools highlights our commitment to deliver quality products that serve any construction job. Milwaukee Tools is a global leader in power tools and measurement instruments, offering a wide variety of reciprocating saws, circular saws, band saws, drills, impact drivers, hammer drills, roatary hammers and more. With a product lineup of over 4000 tools and accessories, Milwaukee Tools provides state-of-the-art electric power tools that will endure rigorous environments, maintain operating precision, and get the job done with efficiency. Milwaukee Tools has a rich history of innovation that goes back to 1924 - from the first self-contained electric reciprocating saw to a complete line of comprehensive lithium-ion power tools. The company was also the first to receive ISO 9000 certification across all of its facilities. Let our team of experienced professionals find the best power tool equipment solutions for your construction project. Please contact us directly for more information.

Wharton Hardware & Supply Product Catalog

Band Saws Jig SawsBand Saws Jig Saws
PDF (PDF - 50.9KB)
Bi-Metal Sawzall BladesBi-Metal Sawzall Blades
PDF (PDF - 75.1KB)
Circular SawsCircular Saws
PDF (PDF - 51.1KB)
Cordless Electric DrillsCordless Electric Drills
PDF (PDF - 44.4KB)
Cordless Tool SystemCordless Tool System
PDF (PDF - 67.7KB)
PDF (PDF - 66.3KB)
Hammer DrillsHammer Drills
PDF (PDF - 42.0KB)
Heat GunHeat Gun
PDF (PDF - 53.4KB)
Impact WrenchImpact Wrench
PDF (PDF - 58.4KB)
Jig Saw BladesJig Saw Blades (2)
PDF (PDF - 46.0KB)
Jig Saw BladesJig Saw Blades
PDF (PDF - 57.5KB)
Magnetic DrillsMagnetic Drills
PDF (PDF - 53.0KB)
Miter ChainMiter Chain
PDF (PDF - 55.1KB)
Reciprocal SawReciprocal Saw
PDF (PDF - 62.7KB)
Reciprocating SawsReciprocating Saws
PDF (PDF - 48.6KB)
Reciprocial Saw BladesReciprocial Saw Blades
PDF (PDF - 71.6KB)
Sander GrindersSander Grinders
PDF (PDF - 54.4KB)
PDF (PDF - 55.4KB)
PDF (PDF - 46.4KB)
PDF (PDF - 44.7KB)
Straight Die GrindersStraight Die Grinders
PDF (PDF - 62.2KB)
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